Michelle Faik Ibrahim Sayegh

Chairman of the Board

Born in Jaffa in 1946, is married to Mrs. Nazi Qepti who is an effective element in the group and they have two boys and a girl: Fayek and Faris and Faten who are working in Sayegh Group too. Mr. Sayegh completed his secondary education in 1966 from Al Hussein Secondary School in Amman - Jordan and graduated in 1971 from the University of Jordan obtained a bachelor's degree in business administration.

He is take industry profession before the end of his university study and his name has been associated with the world of paints industry since 1969 and is now president of Sayegh Group and Chairman of the Jordan Commercial Bank management in addition to having many of the real estate and its contribution to social work.

Sayegh Group comprises fifteen Paints Factories varied in 10 Arab, Asian and European countries and many other engineering and chemical industries:


»chemical companies:

- National Paints Factories Co. - Jordan

- Rimalux Paints Factories Co. - Jordan

- National Paints Factories Co. - Egypt

- Arab Co. for Paints Products and National Paints Factories - Palestine

- National Chemical Corporation - Netherlands

- National Paints Factories Co. - UAE

- National Paints Factories Co. - Kyrgyzstan

- National Paints Factories Co. - Kazakhstan

- Middle East coating characteristic - Oman

- National Rally for trade and investment company - Jordan

- Alpha's Paints Limited - UAE

- Nobel Paints Factory - UAE

- National Paints factory - Uzbekistan

- PVC maker of plastic chips for kitchens and furniture / Emirates


»Engineering companies:

- Union Locks - Jordan

- National Company for the manufacture of barrels - Jordan

- National Company for the canning industry - Jordan

- Sayegh Brothers Company for Engineering Industries - Jordan

- Emirates Textile Company Limited - UAE


»Real estate companies:

- Sayegh Brothers Company - Netherlands



- Jordan Commercial Bank

- Arab Company for Electrical Industries